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Welcome to Marpeach Creative Agency

Marpeach is Yegane Yoosefian and Kimia Alikhani . Together we have 15+ years combined experience, We’ve worked in studios of all sizes and with clients from all industries, so we had strong idea of the kind of studio we wanted to create. A nurturing, collaborative space known for its creativity and craft.

We are an independent and collaborative design studio. We specialise in brand identity, creative direction, print, packaging , motion design and interactive design. We work with clients and projects of all shapes and sizes. We produce design which is grounded by understanding , concept and attention to detail. Simple, clever ideas executed beautifully.

Our approach is a collaborative one – we are a small, focussed studio and partner with a network of like-minded experts, when required. This allows us to meet our clients’ needs, whatever they might be. We take a fresh approach to every project with the aim of creating clever work with meaningful impact.

If you have a project you’d like to discuss, we’d love to chat.